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  1. (11:30:03 PM) Do you remember how you came up with EX-mons having markings to distinguish them from other mons?  
  2. (11:31:46 PM) hmmm   
  3. (11:33:33 PM) Part of it was reading about the designs of the EX cards in the TCG since they have that gold holographic thingy going for them. I thought that made the idea of EX mons more recognizable without having to jump into something like "alternate form". And the other part of it might have been looking at artwork in dA probably.  
  4. (11:35:20 PM) Granted it's been quite a while. This was what, right after the AU?  
  5. (11:35:34 PM) Yeah it was during the OI Arc that they were first introduced  
  6. (11:37:06 PM) For more fine-gained details I'd have to see if I have archived logs from back then but basically most of what the EX are was worldbuilding from looking at what was the variant cards of the time, EX and Lv.X. Currently there's other ones that are even more golden (goldener?)  
  7. (11:38:19 PM) The idea that they are worth double the EXP when defeating, the idea that they get a special move as part of their branding, and the idea that they can be beckoned by their nominating deity at any time all also stem from cards stuff  
  8. (11:40:45 PM) Does this help? Would it be needed of me to take some time later during the week and look for archives?  
  9. (11:40:51 PM) It does  
  10. (11:41:01 PM) Though that would also be useful 


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