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  1. (10:20:01 PM) Keys2tkingdom: I hate to ask this of you but has Blitz told you about how worried he is to interact with anyone but you?  
  2. (10:20:35 PM) Keys2tkingdom: He mentioned it to me the other day  
  3. (10:20:43 PM) ...No, he didn't...  
  4. (10:21:47 PM) Keys2tkingdom: He says that due to his not getting LGBT and gender identity issues he's lost almost all his motivation to interect with anyone else but you   
  5. (10:22:27 PM) Keys2tkingdom: And Honestly, that worries me.  
  6. (10:22:55 PM) Well, he may have...mostly due to the fact that well...the LGBTQ people seem so exclusive with each other  
  7. (10:23:06 PM) As do veterans  
  8. (10:23:18 PM) Himand I joined around the same time  
  9. (10:23:22 PM) I mean look  
  10. (10:23:30 PM) Keys2tkingdom: As did dune and I.  
  11. (10:23:50 PM) Bitters feels like you MUST follow her plans to the T to interact with her.  
  12. (10:23:57 PM) Verax is alright. So is Dune  
  13. (10:24:24 PM) Tagg...well, I'm simply intimidated because he's like...OG  
  14. (10:24:28 PM) You  
  15. (10:24:38 PM) Keys2tkingdom: be brutal  
  16. (10:24:44 PM) I mean no offense in saying this  
  17. (10:24:50 PM) Keys2tkingdom: See above  
  18. (10:26:11 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Tagg is not intimidating.  
  19. (10:26:47 PM) Keys2tkingdom: He may not be responsive but that might be because of his RL Aspergers  
  20. (10:27:04 PM) Keys2tkingdom: But he is extremely understanding  
  21. (10:27:38 PM) Keys2tkingdom: You just have to approach him  
  22. (10:28:01 PM) Keys2tkingdom: But what was it that you need to say about me?  
  23. (10:28:01 PM) But the fact that Ren seems to use his connections and money to solve every problem and must be the best dressed, best tactic'd, best flashy, and overall what seems like the most prepared motherfucker on the face of PokeEarth is not only intimidating to make you to interact with, but also extremely frustrating! I mean, yes, the Dungeons are ment to be beaten, but not flawlessly! That's a slight part in the reason of both him, who never finished, and I who skipped an ENTIRE ENCOUNTER, haven't been 100% invested in Pokesona!  
  24. (10:29:05 PM) All other plots we try to be apart of seem to be so reactionless that they don't feel worth it. It'll always end up "Lookit how cool this character is, much cooler than you, you'll never measure up"  
  25. (10:29:16 PM) The whole...resume flashing thing  
  26. (10:29:30 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Ummm  
  27. (10:30:03 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Ren hasn't won any true battles with the J-Team members...  
  28. (10:30:17 PM) Keys2tkingdom: And I actually intend to keep it that way  
  29. (10:30:39 PM) I mean for the assult missions. Flashy armored suit, sword cane, all the beams  
  30. (10:30:41 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Ren is meant to be able to steam roll mooks.  
  31. (10:30:51 PM) Keys2tkingdom: But no one else  
  32. (10:31:50 PM) Keys2tkingdom: And that is some thing that was something i did for the first mission and it has become a thing  
  33. (10:32:06 PM) Keys2tkingdom: *first mission Ren was a part off  
  34. (10:33:31 PM) Sorry, I brought my qualms into this...I mean, I've vented them to Blitz and he's agreed. As for Ren, the clarification helps, I dunno. It's like...the presentation of it all.  
  35. Might be because I have a hard time telling of what's Purple Prose or not  
  36. (10:34:22 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Ren has been well dressed since his inception  
  37. (10:35:04 PM) Keys2tkingdom: And the Armor thing become more pronounced after his leg was healed  
  38. (10:35:25 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Because he doesn't want to go back to being crippled again  
  39. (10:35:42 PM) Aye, I've seen. It's his character. It's a personal qualm. It's the same as when Jason reacted, as would have reacted, in character. Finding it impractical without knowing the whole story  
  40. (10:38:40 PM) Anyway. Back to Blitz...I know what you're talking about. The LGBTQ+ members, well, Bitters for the most part, she seems to be very much stuck in her ways of "Agree with me and my values or get out" I mean, Psyche's a sweetie, Mezzo is a tad aloof and nice, and Every is a silly. The latter 3 don't screentime much anyway.  
  41. (10:39:08 PM) It's not the most inviting atmosphere to interact with...anyone, when it comes to Bitters  
  42. (10:39:27 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Bitter... has also had the worst time with her issues  
  43. (10:41:02 PM) Keys2tkingdom: And the time she had a RL relationship with Psyche  along with their RP characters being shipped caused some strife, which I don't know the full extent of  
  44. (10:41:15 PM) That I know  
  45. (10:41:24 PM) I joined like...right in the middle of that  
  46. (10:42:12 PM) Keys2tkingdom: But from what I understand, Bitter coming to terms with her issues was far from smooth  
  47. (10:43:51 PM) Keys2tkingdom: and thus has a sore spot when it comes to others having issue with LGBTQ things in general  
  48. (10:46:03 PM) Keys2tkingdom: I honestly recommended Blitz talk to Tagg, Silent, Tangent, and possibly Morph about his trepidation with the LGBTQ problems as they'll help him bring up issues and smooth things over  
  49. (10:47:13 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Again, they may have been around for a while, but they are far from unapproachable.  
  50. (10:48:15 PM) Understandable. But trepidation doesn't change the fact that you have to walk on eggshells around her. It's almost like you trigger her and ALL activity, even those not involving her, stops  
  51. (10:48:28 PM) Because everyone chides you to hell and back, mostly  
  52. (10:49:17 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Again, all I can recommend  is bring this up with the above members.  
  53. (10:49:30 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Heck, I'll do it for you.  
  54. (10:49:43 PM) Keys2tkingdom: I'm not afraid of Bitter honestly  
  55. (10:50:17 PM) Look, like Uill said, cis-males are sorta in the minority...hell, I feel my chest seize up if I so much as think of stepping out of line with Bitter's plans. Again, she's pretty guilty of resume flashing to win her stuff  
  56. (10:50:31 PM) Her main being a world champ doesn't help  
  57. (10:51:15 PM) Keys2tkingdom: I've gained a measure of resistance to her ranting and roaring  
  58. (10:52:25 PM) Keys2tkingdom: But if it makes you feel better I'll copy past this into a paste bin and share it with Tagg and Tangent and see what they tell me to do.  
  59. (10:52:50 PM) Please do  
  60. (10:52:56 PM) Keys2tkingdom: Okay. 


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