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  1. (12:53:06 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128, tbr, ePirat: pushed.  
  2. (12:53:25 PM) ePirat: will push and try  
  3. (12:53:28 PM) ePirat: *pull  
  4. (01:01:26 PM) ePirat: compiles fine  
  5. (01:01:51 PM) ph3-der-loewe: :)  
  6. (01:02:08 PM) ePirat: nenvitas the stream url you have set is not correct. that field is intended for a complementary url like your website or such, related to that stream.  
  7. (01:02:22 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128: the next step, under asumption that icecast itself is fine, would be to improve support in libshout. I hope you're intrested in helping here as well.  
  8. (01:03:03 PM) Tangent128: I would be, yes.  
  9. (01:03:21 PM) nenvitas: thanks everyone, it works, just tested with a few external connections.  
  10. (01:03:30 PM) ePirat: thank you very much for your contribution, Tangent128   
  11. (01:03:37 PM) ph3-der-loewe: to me the main problem is that we have no rate control yet. so it's not easy to stream webm from files.  
  12. (01:04:02 PM) Tangent128: Is that for libshout?  
  13. (01:04:06 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128: and if you like we could have a look at a ices2 spinoff for webm or something like that. that is long term.  
  14. (01:04:06 PM) ePirat: ph3-der-loewe btw you just merged the branch, it would have been better if you had rebased  
  15. (01:04:10 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128: it is.  
  16. (01:04:14 PM) ePirat: so that Tangent128 would be the actual author  
  17. (01:04:25 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128: libshout can be used to ensure the right speed for Ogg and MP3.  
  18. (01:04:52 PM) ph3-der-loewe: ePirat: he is the author of the commits. I merged it because I wanted it to keep as a seperate block.  
  19. (01:05:19 PM) ph3-der-loewe: so it's a unit on it's own not 'a few commits somewhere in the mid of the chain'.  
  20. (01:05:30 PM) Tangent128: Aha. (Most of my streaming is done with ffmpeg -re since the sources are generally not webm.)  
  21. (01:05:45 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128: you know oggfwd?  
  22. (01:06:31 PM) ePirat: ph3-der-loewe there is no way to see the single commits?  
  23. (01:06:43 PM) ePirat: or am i missing something?  
  24. (01:06:47 PM) Tangent128: ePirat: I see them in gitk  
  25. (01:06:59 PM) Tangent128: I've heard of oggfwd. Presumably it uses libshout?  
  26. (01:07:40 PM) ePirat: ph3-der-loewe Ah yes nevermind, my checkout wasn't complete it seemed   
  27. (01:07:42 PM) ph3-der-loewe: ePirat: there is. use gitk.  
  28. (01:08:15 PM) Tangent128: And I will be needing to look into parsing timestamps anyways, since I am interested in allowing fallback streams to work for webm.  
  29. (01:08:37 PM) Tangent128: As I understand it, timestamps need to be rewritten per-client so that web players don't choke at the discontinuity?  
  30. (01:08:43 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128: yes. if libshout would support webm with this flow/rate/speed/whatever-you-call-it control for webm the tool could actually handle webm.  
  31. (01:09:21 PM) ph3-der-loewe: for libshout the first part is to extract them and ensure we're not running faster than the timestamps.  
  32. (01:09:40 PM) ph3-der-loewe: so I think it's a nice first work to get used to them if we need to work on that wanyway.  
  33. (01:10:24 PM) Tangent128: Alright. I'll start looking at oggfwd/libshout over the next few days, then. Will ping you when I have my brain wrapped around it & an idea for proceeding?  
  34. (01:10:52 PM) ph3-der-loewe: Tangent128: have a look at the ogg code. avoid the mp3 code.  
  35. (01:11:05 PM) ph3-der-loewe: sure.  
  36. (01:11:12 PM) Tangent128: Heh. ^_^  
  37. (01:11:25 PM) Tangent128: Does libshout have a similar plugin structure as icecast?  
  38. (01:13:13 PM) ph3-der-loewe: we improved it.... I think we're on the track. yes.  


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