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  1. The two Pokémon snarled and furiously went at each other again, the Pignite managing to tackle the Fearow against the chimmey. The Pignite hopped back and eyed his escape route…  
  3. “...Oooh!” cried the Murkrows from the distance. “Bag!”  
  5. “Bag!”  
  7. “What is it?”  
  9. The Pignite had not noticed his bag had gone flying a short distance. The bag fell wide open to reveal…  
  11. “….Ooooh!” cried the Murkrows at unison, staring at the sunlight reflected from the small pile of crystal discs.  
  13. “Shiny!” the murder cawed as legion, their focus completely trained on the loot. “SHIIIINNNYYYY!!!”  
  15. A few eyes suddenly turned to an end of the rooftop, where unnoticed by the two combatants a small Spearow peeked in, trying to get closer to the bag.  
  17. “Nooo!” cried the Murkrows, readying their wings for takeoff. “It must be ours! BIRD CAN HAS NOT SHINYYYY!!!!” 


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