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  1. (03:12:58) Sleeping Tangent ha salido de la sala (Disconnected: session closed).  
  2. (03:13:07) Cpt.Napalm ha entrado en la sala.  
  4. (03:13:22) Cpt.Napalm: Oh hai thar.  
  5. (03:25:11) Silent: hi  
  6. (03:25:24) Silent: sorry about late  
  7. (03:25:48) Cpt.Napalm: Oh that's fine, I was actually lurking on TVTropes until just now.  
  8. (03:26:12) Cpt.Napalm: So what'd I miss?  
  9. (03:26:27) Silent: uhm, what you lost mostly was posted int he thread  
  10. (03:26:33) Silent: ie.: Jane brainfarting  
  11. (03:26:58) Silent: beyond that we discussed which new English names sucked and which didn't  
  12. (03:28:06) Cpt.Napalm: Hmm. So anything on your mind at the moment?  
  13. (03:28:15) Silent: um  
  14. (03:28:23) Silent: yeah, Samurott  
  15. (03:28:44) Silent: and, uh, the ethics of using empat Pokémon in police workforce  
  16. (03:29:07) Silent: but Samurott annoys me the more  
  17. (03:29:20) Cpt.Napalm: Why's that?  
  18. (03:29:59) Silent: well, the name  
  19. (03:30:07) Silent: I mean, Dewott is the samurai one  
  20. (03:30:23) Silent: and what's "De" "wott" anyways?  
  21. (03:30:26) Cpt.Napalm: Ah. I thought that this was going to be about the initial form.  
  22. (03:30:33) Cpt.Napalm: (shrugs)  
  23. (03:30:47) Silent: well no, I actually like the water starter most this gen  
  24. (03:31:11) Silent: ...wait, what about Oshawott?  
  25. (03:31:39) Cpt.Napalm: (insert overused "DerpDerp" nickname here)  
  26. (03:31:55) Cpt.Napalm: Granted most people got over it when they saw his final form.  
  27. (03:32:29) Silent: oh  
  28. (03:32:50) Silent: well, I liked Smugleaf for an ascended fan nickname the more  
  29. (03:33:05) Silent: and I have to say, Samurott is awesome  
  30. (03:33:50) Cpt.Napalm: Hmm, so who are you going to be using in your BW playthrough?  
  31. (03:34:11) Silent: I don't know  
  32. (03:34:20) Silent: I don't think I'll get to play B/W, honest  
  33. (03:34:26) Silent: not even græy  
  34. (03:34:34) Cpt.Napalm: Why?  
  35. (03:34:46) Silent: not enough money, not enough time  
  36. (03:34:55) Cpt.Napalm: Ah.  
  37. (03:34:56) Silent: I'm fairly behind in SS  
  38. (03:35:01) Cpt.Napalm: Ah.  
  39. (03:35:22) Silent: but if I had to choose, Oshawott, yeah  
  40. (03:35:35) Silent: I've never used the water starter as a main  
  41. (03:35:45) Silent: only a traded Totodile in 2nd gen  
  42. (03:36:41) Cpt.Napalm: Hmm.  
  43. (03:37:24) Cpt.Napalm: So, I'm currently mulling whether I should tackle the items in my queue in the order that I have them in, or if I should tackle the items with the most info to work with first...  
  44. (03:38:11) Silent: lemme see that queue  
  45. (03:38:23) Cpt.Napalm: * Pidove  
  46. (03:38:29) Cpt.Napalm: * Gligar  
  47. (03:38:32) Cpt.Napalm: * Tepig  
  48. (03:38:40) Cpt.Napalm: (Last one will probably be collab)  
  49. (03:38:47) Silent: hm  
  50. (03:39:12) Silent: unless there's too much of a reason to wait too much on 5th Gen, definitively do Pidove first  
  51. (03:39:28) Silent: it will be easier and faster to have a workable, perfectable entry  
  52. (03:39:50) Silent: at least that is my suggestion  
  53. (03:39:56) Cpt.Napalm: Because they're pigeons/pheasants?  
  54. (03:40:17) Silent: well, that's a helping point, but not the main one  
  55. (03:40:28) Cpt.Napalm: What would that be?  
  56. (03:40:42) Silent: they are the everpresent everygen's three-stage base moveset flying type mon  
  57. (03:40:52) Cpt.Napalm: Ah.  
  58. (03:41:02) Silent: (barrin 2nd gen for some reason, but hey Noctowl was cool)  
  59. (03:41:24) Cpt.Napalm: I just realized that Pidove must undergo some rather significant behavior changes with evolution.  
  60. (03:41:30) Silent: you can reduce most of the perfetcible stuff from the strictly formula the other entries already follow  
  61. (03:41:36) Silent: yep  
  62. (03:41:50) Cpt.Napalm: I mean, I doubt a pheasant is going to be anywhere near as capable of a flier as a pigeon...  
  63. (03:42:16) Silent: yet we don't know flying will be its main asset  
  64. (03:42:37) Silent: I mean look at the Starly -> Staraptor evolution process  
  65. (03:43:12) Silent: flying is merely a stuff they do; what Staraptor excels at, in design, is hunting  
  66. (03:43:56) Silent: there ought to be something in Unfezant's design that gives merit to the evolution process, taking a look at its environment  
  67. (03:44:19) Cpt.Napalm: Hmm. For Com Mon birds, Pidove don't really have the "intimidating" factor going for them that their prior counterparts do.  
  68. (03:44:37) Cpt.Napalm: So they're remarkably competent gatherers/bug hunters?  
  69. (03:44:57) Cpt.Napalm: With flashy courtship displays?  
  70. (03:45:08) Silent: probably  
  71. (03:45:13) Silent: I'd go with gatherers  
  72. (03:45:46) Silent: oh and I'd surmise they move around inside human cities with more ease and faculties that the other bird lines can, except maybe Xatu  
  73. (03:46:48) Cpt.Napalm: I'd think that would be an apt assessment for Pidove & Tranquill. Though I'm not sure about Unfezant. Phesants + Cars = Unpleasantness.  
  74. (03:47:00) Cpt.Napalm: Or "Unfezantness."  
  75. (03:47:05) Silent: ....  
  76. (03:47:09) Silent: wel, uhm  
  77. (03:47:44) Silent: still, its typing and being a Pokémon does enable Unfezant to use some human constructs to move around in citiies, evading danger  
  78. (03:48:02) Silent: and its size seems to enable it to follow and take advantage of human trails and stuff as alleys  
  79. (03:48:28) Cpt.Napalm: Hmm. I guess.  
  80. (03:48:34) Silent: unlike Pidgeot, for example, who has to do a sustantial effort and change of activity to land in a city to begin with  
  81. (03:48:56) Cpt.Napalm: So would they be easier to handle than most other bird-mons?  
  82. (03:49:02) Silent: I think so  
  83. (03:49:09) Silent: except perhaps Swellow  
  84. (03:49:31) Cpt.Napalm: Weren't Swellow supposed to be tenacious and aggressive little buggers?  
  85. (03:49:51) Silent: yeah  
  86. (03:49:52) Silent: good thing  
  87. (03:49:57) Cpt.Napalm: Also, do people happen to eat these- (brick'd)  
  88. (03:50:08) Silent: :p  
  89. (03:50:48) Cpt.Napalm: (wobbles) Is that a "maybe?"  
  90. (03:51:05) Silent: just a laugh  
  91. (03:51:12) Silent: it should have been :D  
  92. (03:51:21) Silent: then again, Jane says it is a bad smiley  
  93. (03:52:18) Cpt.Napalm: Wow, I just checked the smileys that are available with this thing, and they are really bad...  
  94. (03:53:19) Silent: I disabled them  
  95. (03:53:55) Cpt.Napalm: Hmm.  
  96. (03:54:15) Cpt.Napalm: So are you going to be writing about Lati@s or the chinchillas next?  
  97. (03:54:25) Silent: and, and the chinchillas  
  98. (03:54:29) Silent: that's my queue, yes  
  99. (03:54:55) Cpt.Napalm: I meant which one were you going to tackle first.  
  100. (03:54:55) Silent: if you mean the order, that's the order, too  
  101. (03:55:00) Cpt.Napalm: Oh.  
  102. (03:55:11) Silent: I promised the Latii first  
  103. (03:55:38) Silent: plus, I don't have that much info on Minccino yet  
  104. (03:55:51) Cpt.Napalm: So are they truly a pair of unique species, or is it something like Nidoran again?  
  105. (03:56:16) Silent: I'm not completely decided yet  
  106. (03:56:33) Silent: I'm thinking something like the Zentradii and Mentradii in Macross  
  107. (03:57:14) Cpt.Napalm: What's that?  
  108. (03:57:18) Silent: a singular species that segregated by some attribute so strongly that they end up differing in all except fundamental attributes  
  109. (03:57:32) Cpt.Napalm: Ah.  
  110. (03:57:36) Silent: Zen/Mentradii were a race of intergallactic soldiers, created to wage wars  
  111. (03:58:01) Silent: at some point, the enormous interstellas distances made them segregae in two directions, one for males, one for femaes  
  112. (03:58:50) Cpt.Napalm: I see.  
  113. (03:59:07) Silent: the difference is, in this case the Latii may have chosen to segregate by themselves  
  114. (03:59:13) Cpt.Napalm: So do the two pop up in the Poke-world's media at all?  
  115. (03:59:23) Cpt.Napalm: Don't they live in small groups though?  
  116. (03:59:30) Cpt.Napalm: At least according to the dex?  
  117. (03:59:40) Silent: 'dex and anime suggests they live in small colonies  
  118. (03:59:51) Silent: they may be "rejoining" slowly  
  119. (04:00:09) Silent: considering that despite that fact thaey don't have an apparent social structure  
  120. (04:00:48) Cpt.Napalm: So how do you plan on getting around their place in the "No Eggs" group, seeing as they're obviously coming from somewhere...  
  121. (04:00:52) Silent: this may allow for a back reference to a common form similar to, say Blaziken, in case you know of the RSE betas  
  122. (04:01:09) Silent: I have three paths to tacke  
  123. (04:01:09) Cpt.Napalm: That would be amazing.  
  124. (04:01:20) Silent: the first path is the Nidoran one (not enough research)  
  125. (04:01:48) Silent: the second path is that the species lost reproductive ability (perhaps entirely) due to segregation  
  126. (04:01:58) Silent: and the third and most interesting path  
  127. (04:02:27) Silent: is that the "species" does not reproduce the standard way but they reincarnate via Soul Dew and some associated soultech  
  128. (04:02:49) Cpt.Napalm: So they're aura pheonixes?  
  129. (04:02:59) Silent: something like that  
  130. (04:03:30) Cpt.Napalm: Am I a complete dork for thinking that our Mewtwo article needs an Earthbound shout out?  
  131. (04:03:41) Silent: no  
  132. (04:03:51) Silent: completely not  
  133. (04:04:16) Silent: I mean, go and take a look around the weird shout outs we have come up with  
  134. (04:05:00) Cpt.Napalm:  
  135. (04:05:08) Cpt.Napalm: That's what motivated my question.  
  136. (04:05:38) Silent: lemme see.....  
  137. (04:06:08) Silent: not a problem  
  138. (04:06:38) Silent: Mewtwo's second neck may have specifically been designed to access his brain via some interface which was never completed  
  139. (04:07:07) Silent: that's just for example  
  140. (04:08:52) Cpt.Napalm: So, is there a recent season of a long-running cartoon that features a Lati@s as a significant recurring character?  
  141. (04:10:02) Cpt.Napalm: I guess it would be a Shiny Latias in particular...  
  142. (04:10:18) Tangent 128 ha entrado en la sala.  
  143. (04:10:49) Cpt.Napalm: O HAI THAR.  
  144. (04:10:53) Tangent 128 ha salido de la sala (Disconnected: session closed).  
  145. (04:11:01) Cpt.Napalm: Aww...  
  146. (04:11:03) Silent: I think that was his bot, or something  
  147. (04:11:16) Silent: long-running cartoon? I'd have to check  
  148. (04:11:29) Cpt.Napalm:  
  149. (04:12:14) Silent: mish  
  150. (04:12:21) Silent: that surely merits reference  
  151. (04:13:48) Cpt.Napalm: What IS Digimon in the Poke-world anyways?  
  152. (04:14:34) Silent: a TV show, I think  
  153. (04:14:47) Silent: I'd have to check the Porygon entry spin around it  
  154. (04:15:50) Cpt.Napalm: So, that Mirage Pokemon special meets SMT?  
  155. (04:37:17) Cpt.Napalm: Hmm, it's getting kinda late. So, I apologize if this comes off as being rude, but I'm going to log out now.  
  157. (04:37:23) Cpt.Napalm ha salido de la sala.  
  158. (05:58:12) Se ha desconectado la cuenta y ya no está en el chat. Se unirá automáticamente al chat cuando se vuelva a conectar la cuenta 


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