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  1. ! Qwilfish  
  3. !! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]  
  5. * Qwilfish [#211]  
  7. !! Physical Description  
  9. Qwilfish average 50 cm in length and 3.9 kg in weight when fully grown. They have a teal spherical body with a tan underside as well as a paddle-shaped tail. They also have several spines on their body they can fill with poison. There is also a mutation of Qwilfish that has pink scales where most Qwilfish have teal. This alternate coloration is prized by collectors.  
  11. !! Notable Biology  
  13. Qwilfish have the ability to fill their spines with poison and shoot barbs from them at larger predators. They do so by taking in large amounts of water to expand in order to build up the pressure necessary to shoot them out. Among Qwilfish, there are different adaptations designed to ward off predators. One variety produces more poison than the others, and potential predators may be poisoned upon contact with its spines. Another variety is not able to expand as much as the others, but makes up for this in having a sleeker build, making it easier to escape from predators. A rarer variety also exists which is able to expand itself more than others, making itself seem more threatening and hindering attacks from potential predators. Qwilfish are thought to be closely related to Alomomola, though only overlap in range in their Unova habitats. They also have hard, fused teeth resembling a beak that they use to eat Pokemon with harder exteriors.   
  15. !! Habitat  
  17. The largest populations of Qwilfish can be found in the Sevii Islands, specifically around Chrono, Fortune, and Quest Islands as well as on the coast of Kalos’ Route 8. There is also a decently sized population of Qwilfish near Johto’s Route 32, but it largely stays away from the shore except in some instances known as ‘swarms’ where large numbers of them come to feed in the shallower water. Smaller populations of Qwilfish exist in places such as Route 12 and 13 in Kanto, Iron Island in Sinnoh, Almia’s Puel Sea, Oblivia’s Eastern Sea, and in the waters of southern Unova such as near Virbank City and Routes 17 and 18.   
  19. !! Diet  
  21. Qwilfish are carnivorous and hunt mostly by sight, mainly eating slower Pokemon that rely on things like camouflage and armor, such as Corsola, Shellos, Clamperl, Shellder, Krabby, Corphish, and Staryu. They have hard teeth to crack open the exterior of hard-shelled Pokemon. These teeth continually grow and can become overgrown in captivity if not provided with enough crunchier food.   
  23. !! Hazards  
  25. Fitting for their typing, Qwilfish are poisonous. Their first reaction to feeling threatened is often to shoot out their quills, so avoid agitating them if possible. If you or your Pokemon are poisoned, it’s recommended to immediately head for a Center or Hospital, if no Antidotes or Pecha Berries are readily available. For those who eat or cook Qwilfish, make sure their poison is properly removed, as it could be lethal otherwise.   
  27. !! Breeding  
  29. To attract mates, male Qwilfish create circular patterns in the sand of the seafloor with their fins. Qwilfish usually mate after males slowly push females to the surface. Qwilfish eggs are small and spherical and float on the surface of the water until they hatch. Newly hatched Qwilfish are usually left to fend for themselves and need to start hunting for food within a few days of hatching  
  31. !! In Human Society  
  33. Qwilfish are a well-known part of Johtoan cuisine, often served as Sashimi and in hot pots, though its poison also makes it dangerous as ingestion could be lethal. For this reason, eating it is prohibited in Kalos. Cooks who prepare Qwilfish in restaurants are required to go through a rigorous certification process before they can serve them. The relative rarity of Qwilfish in Johto outside of swarms is due in part to them being overfished. One example of a Qwilfish character in media is [[SpongebobSquarepants a driving school teacher who is continuously put off by a Corsola’s failure to pass his driving tests]].   


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