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  1. (16:14:14) Venia.Silente: ....I think I broke the game  
  2. (16:14:23) Mezzo is my XI Copilot: Oh?  
  3. (16:15:06) Venia.Silente: I was experimenting with some variants for that Doomy Doomsdays of Doom team trying to flush damage faster or delay it to specifically the enemy I want (usually the one before the boss).  
  4. (16:18:33) Venia.Silente: And I had this idea to test one of the Basic stages that has a denser section of notes near the middle, just to get an idea of how long before the boss I would need to start buffering in damage. I sent a team of Yuna w/ The Sending+Meteor+Holy, Terra w/ Thundara+Trance+Dualcast, Shantotto w/ Fira+Dualcast+Ultima and Garnet w/ Dualcast+L5Flare. Oh and add Doomsday to all of them but all of them but Terra.  
  5. (16:22:44) Venia.Silente: The thing is, when I get to the third enemy Holy Triggers then all of the Doomsday Triggers. The enemy dies, then the fourth enemy appears and dies on arrival. Then comes the boss, takes the third Doomsday and dies on arrival. At this point the Limit Breaks have not even pooled in yet. The 5th enemy appears, dies on arrival. Meteor triggers. 6th enemy, dies on arrivalAncient Magic. NOW the Limit Breaks start popping in and the 7th enemy dies on the spot and then the 2nd boss appears and takes The Sending and dies, overflows damage and takes the 8th enemy with it; the 9th enemy arrives and takes Ancient Magic and dies on arrival. And since the boss appeared the LBs triggered again and killed the 10th and 11th enemy, then the boss appears again and the LBs recycle once more.  
  6. (16:23:17) Mezzo is my XI Copilot: Meeeeeep.  
  7. (16:23:46) Venia.Silente: Long story short, starting with the 4th enemy all enemies died on arrival as the LBs kept recycling because the bosses recycled faster than the damage buffer would run out.; when I ended the stage I broke the in-game record of enemies beaten from the original 16 to 23.  
  8. (16:24:12) Mezzo is my XI Copilot: Boom.  
  9. (16:24:21) Venia.Silente: I think Terra and Shantotto are happy.  
  10. (16:25:08) Mezzo is my XI Copilot: I think they should be.  
  11. (16:25:50) Venia.Silente: But yeah, I found no way to cut the sequence short (emptying my damage buffer) that would not be missing on about 20-25 notes in a row so that Terra and Shantotto's repeating spells (the -ras) would not recycle.  
  12. (16:26:25) Mezzo is my XI Copilot: Why would you want to cut it short?  
  13. (16:27:24) Venia.Silente: Well, *I* wouldn't but if I was in a quest I'd probably have to find a way since as long as the enemies die without you actually hitting them with a note, the abilities that give you items from them (Steal, Luck Up, etc) won't ever trigger.  
  14. (16:28:32) Mezzo is my XI Copilot: Oh. Well, I don't have any advice aside from "don't bring Terra or Shantotto".  
  15. (16:31:21) Venia.Silente: :p  
  16. (16:31:40) Venia.Silente: I don't think Shantotto would take it well to be relegated to the B-team :p  
  17. (16:31:48) Mezzo is my XI Copilot: Probably not.  
  18. (16:33:15) Venia.Silente: Anyway, one of my prizes from experimenting was a Ultima Scroll so I have a Ultima to teach to anyone later.  
  19. (16:33:23) Venia.Silente: (Talk about lucky) 


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