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  1. (9:49:13 PM) keys2kingdom: Not sure if you seen the logs or if Verax relayed our conversation  
  2. (9:49:29 PM) No?  
  3. (9:50:30 PM) keys2kingdom: Long story short, Bitter was one of people who spearheaded vetoing my idea to Ren win all four Grand Festivals in one year  
  4. (9:51:17 PM) keys2kingdom: Under the fact that felt it too sue-ish  
  5. (9:52:09 PM) keys2kingdom: This vet forced me to completely redo Ren's character arc  
  6. (9:52:13 PM) keys2kingdom: *veto  
  7. (9:52:27 PM) Aaaaah  
  8. (9:52:52 PM) Well, I had received no comments to that regard up until now  
  9. (9:53:19 PM) keys2kingdom: Well Verax is busy IRL  
  10. (9:53:34 PM) keys2kingdom: Soo it might just got over looked  
  11. (9:54:28 PM) keys2kingdom: but if bitter gets this passed I'm going ahead with my original Grand Festival idea  
  12. (9:54:57 PM) keys2kingdom: because She is doing exactly what she said I shouldn't have done  
  13. (9:55:11 PM) keys2kingdom: Which imo is hypocritical  
  14. (9:55:24 PM) I see  
  15. (9:55:34 PM) I can totally understand that  
  16. (9:56:44 PM) However, might I ask the specifics of what you are against? Sarah achieving it within the RP's onscreenness, or within the RP at all?  
  17. (9:57:13 PM) keys2kingdom: I'm fin with Sarah having an offer on the table.  
  18. (9:58:13 PM) keys2kingdom: But that was while I assumed the fact that she'd get the position in a "Post-RP/ Alternate Universe" scenario  
  19. (9:58:42 PM) keys2kingdom: not during the course of the main RP while she is active  
  20. (9:58:58 PM) Question:  
  21. (9:59:40 PM) What about Sarah becoming a Frontier Brain *Trainer* (eg.: an intern, or a low-floor-er) within the RP? Kinda like showing that she takes serious, formal steps towards the Frontier Brain goal?  
  22. (10:01:56 PM) keys2kingdom: As long as she is not a proper Frontier Brain I have no problem with the idea. The idea stating out on the bottom rung and having to work up for a long period of time sits far better with me than instant Frontier Brain  
  23. (10:02:44 PM) I see. Because that is more or less what I would like to offer as a compromise for my position on the whole thing.  
  24. (10:03:25 PM) Though my main concern is more about onscreenness than about the role. After all, a couple of years ago I discussed that RP!Silent is very likely a (not the, but a) Champion in the region that he comes from, it just never comes up because he's never there.  
  25. (10:03:34 PM) keys2kingdom: I was basically told I can only have Ren win all four grand festivals in my "retirement post"  
  26. (10:03:56 PM) Ah, I seem to recall that.  
  27. (10:04:16 PM) keys2kingdom: And imo this is in that same vein  
  28. (10:04:47 PM) I think there is potential for achieving that kind of goals within RP's screentime, the problem is all the things that happen, or no longer happen, when those goals are accomplished onscreen.   
  29. (10:05:56 PM) keys2kingdom: Well my original plan was for Ren to win all four GFs in his final season as a full time coordinator  
  30. (10:06:54 PM) keys2kingdom: Then he'd lose to Diantha by it taking all six of his team to take out her Mega Gardevoir then Diantha's second mon would KO Mega Rio  
  31. (10:08:07 PM) keys2kingdom: This would mean Ren would have had a MUCH more gradual improvement in competitive battling  
  32. (10:08:38 PM) keys2kingdom: Loss to Champ > Tie with Champ > Enter hall of fame  
  33. (10:09:02 PM) keys2kingdom: Instead I had to skip the loss phase  
  34. (10:10:10 PM) keys2kingdom: in order to balance the emotional blows of NOT ending his full-time career like he wanted AND losing badly to a champion  
  35. (10:10:29 PM) I see  
  36. (10:11:43 PM) keys2kingdom: Consequentially Ren has lost a lot of the spark he had for contests  
  37. (10:11:53 PM) Question, since I don't have logs and the like: have you voiced these concerns to Bit?  
  38. (10:12:26 PM) keys2kingdom: She should know this already  
  39. (10:12:52 PM) But publicly? Because they are useless to me if they are not a known quantity - I'm not really in for being eventually alone against the world in this kind of thing, already have enough of that.  
  40. (10:12:53 PM) keys2kingdom: I mentioned all this when my original idea was shot down  
  41. (10:12:59 PM) I see.  
  42. (10:13:30 PM) keys2kingdom: You can copy/paste bin this  
  43. (10:14:19 PM) keys2kingdom: but I'm avoiding the chat and D!Thread because I've said some mean things earlier - which I currently have no intention of taking back  
  44. (10:14:38 PM) I see.  
  45. (10:15:00 PM) keys2kingdom: So post there wouldn't do me any favors and possibly earn me a suspension  
  46. (10:17:07 PM) keys2kingdom: And as a further consequence of Ren loosing that spark he had for contests, the side character arc where Ren was grooming Joseph as his protege was burned to the ground  
  47. (10:20:20 PM) keys2kingdom:  /end expository rant   
  48. (10:20:37 PM) I see. I guess I better catch up with logs then.  
  49. (10:23:09 PM) keys2kingdom: Although I would like others to see these thoughts, I'm thinking it already too little too late to make this come to an ideal ending for all  
  50. (10:47:01 PM) ***keys2kingdom is watching the chat via the logs  
  51. (10:47:41 PM) keys2kingdom: And the stuff you're saying is what I'd thought we worked under normally  
  52. (10:48:38 PM) keys2kingdom: Which is also why I am suddenly making a big deal about my Ren thing being pushed to be veto'd  
  53. (10:49:00 PM) keys2kingdom: And Bitter's idea isn't  
  54. (10:49:33 PM) I see  
  55. (10:51:59 PM) keys2kingdom: 'The big stuff our PCs achieve - like Champions, Frontier Brains, Gym Leaders, etc - all needs to be executed as an offscreen or future thing.'  
  56. (10:52:58 PM) keys2kingdom: Again, this is why I was fine with Sarah becoming an apprentice.  
  57. (10:53:26 PM) keys2kingdom: As it implied Sarah would a Frontier Brain in the Future  
  58. (10:54:30 PM) keys2kingdom: And not as a big on-screen character arc moment  
  59. (10:54:50 PM) keys2kingdom: Which is what she was asking for earlier 


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