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  1. (05:53:47 PM) Tangent: - crash = injury = can't fly yet  
  2. (05:54:24 PM) Tangent: - flying represented as double/triple/.../centuple jumps, with holding button to glide  
  3. (05:54:48 PM) Tangent: - as you get XP or time or something you "heal", gaining you back jumps/wingflaps  
  4. (05:55:45 PM) Tangent: - your jumps/flaps regenerate when you're not flying; not instantly, but quickly enough to not need to worry about the rate barring combat/pushing limits  
  5. (05:55:46 PM) Venia: - coal = nom?  
  6. (05:55:52 PM) Tangent: :P  
  7. (05:56:16 PM) Tangent: - worldgen includes things like villages, castles, farms, etc.  
  8. (05:56:44 PM) Tangent: - if you fight humans, then have to deal with consequences, like knights coming after you.  
  9. (05:57:29 PM) Tangent: - if you help humans, get nice things like presents, but also get involved in human politics and have to deal with things like wars and knights coming after you from farther away. But local humans help at least.  
  10. (05:57:48 PM) Venia: hmmmm  
  11. (05:58:05 PM) Venia: but far away villages are outside the chunk load distance :p  
  12. (05:58:13 PM) Tangent: - unsure if death = normal respawn, depowered respawn, or reset to start of day  
  13. (05:58:20 PM) Tangent: hush  
  14. (05:59:16 PM) Tangent: be back shortly, muse on thoughts & post comments / ideas / evolutions / greentexts?  
  15. (05:59:28 PM) Venia: - looting chests gins you distrust from the villagers unless you make sure to sneak in and they are not looking / nearby  
  16. (06:02:48 PM) Venia: hmmmm thinking a bit how how much Minecrafty vs dragony would it have to be, as in, where to find the balance  
  17. (06:03:23 PM) Venia: - re worldgen: it would probably have to be modified slightly to create larger openings to caves, otherwise it'll be Mining: The Grinding game  
  18. (06:17:29 PM) Venia: If flying is going to be a mechanic that should deliver anything useful, that might mean adding things to the sky that promote making air paths the same way as one makes ground paths.  
  19. (06:18:39 PM) Venia: For example, rain or air temperature (I think MC biomes alrerady handle temperature?) could impair or benefit dragon flight. Only slightly, but enough that it is noticeable. Say, having to cross an ocean or tundra biome on the wing should be more tractable if the wind is on your side, at least enough so that the player invests on it.  
  20. (06:19:43 PM) Venia: - Being a dragon, stuff like armour might not be as much needed, I'd like to think it'd mostly be a cosmetic thing; that said, there's still a lot of benefit in enchanting armour.   
  21. (06:29:44 PM) Venia: - half hunger mechanic: while you are not hungry, wild animals are not bothered much by your presence, but if you are more than [X amount of] hungry, wild animals react with fight or flight, depending on the species or specimen. That would make going after animal food feel more like a hunting behaviour  
  22. (06:39:31 PM) Venia: - If you fight or help humans, over time their towns "level up" and they develop things like spiked roofs or trenched streets, if you are unfriendly, or perches and chests with treasure if you are ally  
  23. (06:40:08 PM) Venia: - if a cat takes a nap on top of you you can't move  
  24. (06:40:26 PM) Venia: (that one is totally not based on personal experience I swear)  
  25. (06:49:30 PM) Venia: - Thinking back to previous idea that there could be dragon races / morphs that could be, say, adjusted for each biome.  
  26. (08:05:45 PM) Tangent: (cooking dinner, but ooh)  
  27. (08:06:00 PM) Tangent: Chests: how is a dragon sneaky? :P  
  28. (08:06:16 PM) Tangent: Caves: should be bigger™ yes, unless you play as smol Spyro dragon  
  29. (08:06:25 PM) Tangent: ooh @ air paths?  
  30. (08:06:56 PM) Tangent: huh @ hunger  
  31. (08:07:35 PM) Tangent: Cat: cats are higher tier dragons, must not offend  
  32. (08:07:41 PM) Tangent: oh @ races?  
  33. (08:08:29 PM) Venia: Sneak: dragons are cats so I presume they can be sneaky if they try. There is a "crouch" mechanic for slow walk in MC already.  
  34. (08:10:13 PM) Venia: Air paths: Basically, enough interesting stuff would be happening in the sky that it doesn't just become a simple "fly straight ahead from point A to B in X time" thing. Unsure what kind of stuff could happen in the sky, but at least wind and weather could nudge players to "plan" their flight path  
  35. (08:25:09 PM) Tangent: ooh  
  36. (08:25:17 PM) Tangent: walkable cloud blocks? :P 


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