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  1. Mezzopiano  
  2. I hear some guitar music, but don't see anything on the screen.  
  3. Tangent128  
  4. Yeah, tweaking encoding settings  
  5. Tangent128  
  6. testing again  
  7. Mezzopiano  
  8. Am I supposed to see this unnerving message?  
  9. Tangent128  
  10. Yeah; so stream sorta working. Worried it will chew CPU thoug  
  11. Mezzopiano  
  12. It probably might?  
  13. Tangent128  
  14. any audio..?  
  15. Mezzopiano  
  16. I hear the theme song and menu beeps.  
  17. Image looks a little blurry?  
  18. Tangent128  
  19. Blurriness is stream  
  20. Mezzopiano  
  21. Noted.  
  22. Tangent128  
  23. Actually looks very nice on screen  
  24. Mezzopiano  
  25. I wish my PC ran the cutscenes this smoothly.  
  26. Okay, done with the daily Hearthstone so can watch more closely now.  
  27. I should try playing this again at some point. It's more fun with a gamepad.  
  28. Tangent128  
  29. Game has occasional FPS drops but actually plays really well.  
  30. Mezzopiano  
  31. See, I have a lot of FPS drops when I play on my PC. There's actually one side mission in Crisis City that last I checked I couldn't do because the slowdown from the fire made things unplayable.  
  32. Mezzopiano  
  33. How'd your framerate handle the water slide?That's generally one of the laggiest places in the game.  
  34. I can't really tell because stream is a little choppy.  
  35. Tangent128  
  36. cutscene's lagging a bit.  
  37. Mezzopiano  
  38. Yeah, cutscenes do that to me too. Especially the ones with excess particle effects.  
  39. Tangent128  
  40. Probably done here  
  41. Mezzopiano  
  42. Not gonna go for Metal Sonic or the DLC Casino Night? Okay.  
  43. Tangent128  
  44. Will do one replay of GHZ just to see if better framerate when stream encoding not running  
  45. Mezzopiano  
  46. Not a bad idea.  
  47. Tangent128  
  48. But tomorrow is a...busy day  
  49. Tangent128  
  50. Yeah, runs better without OBS  
  51. Mezzopiano  
  52. I figured. 


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